2020 Honda CR-V: Hybrid vs Increase Occupancy

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About a week ago, Honda launched an upgraded CR-V over in Japan and it witnessed the arrival of two new offerings. The first is the CR-V with a hybrid setup. The second is the addition of third-row seats that will take maximum occupancy to 7 people.

Despite being exclusively made for Japan, the upgrades have got a crowd here in the US looking forward to a similar offering through the 2020 CR-V. It’s certainly a possibility but we don’t think Honda will bring both offerings across the Pacific pond.

Keeping in mind that Honda has the habit of making some things exclusive for its home market, the most which the carmaker can offer is one of the two upgrades. In other words, the US is likely to receive either the hybrid model or increased occupancy.

Our money is on the CR-V Hybrid due to the greater demand for greater fuel economy in North America. There is also the fact that the 7-seater variant requires a major redesign on the rear-side of the cabin which may be tedious for Honda to mass-produce outside of Japan.