2020 Hyundai To Get 3 Years Of Free Maintenance

Hyundai had quite a few things to show off at the Super Bowl this year including the Smaht Park feature that will be coming with their 2020 Hyundai Sonata but one other info that we were all glad to hear about is the free maintenance program.

The free maintenance program is usually only offered by luxury automakers but Hyundai has now announced that all 2020 model year Hyundai will get the program for free. This will include free oil change, filter change, tire rotation and more for three years.

This matches what automakers like BMW, Volvo and Genesis are offering while those in Hyundai’s league like Toyota, Subaru, and Lexus only have a two-year program to offer.

Seeing as Kia is so close to Hyundai, some people think that Kia might have something similar to offer soon but we have not heard anything yet so let’s wait and see.

Author: Staff Reporter

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