2020 Lincoln Aviator: Turning Up The Power

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We thought that we already knew everything there is to know about the performance of the upcoming 2020 Lincoln Aviator but we were wrong. Lincoln has just announced the official power output for the Aviator and it was not what we thought it would be.

When it was revealed that the 2020 Lincoln Aviator will be fitted with a 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 engine, it was also revealed that we can expect to see it coming out with about 400hp and 400lb ft of torque. Well, the official numbers now show that while the 400hp will remain, the vehicle will now be offering about 415lb ft of torque when it arrives.

The Plug-In Hybrid model, on the other hand, will now be offering an impressive 494hp and 630lb ft of torque instead of the 450hp and 600lb ft of torque that they suggested in the past. The all-electric model will be coming in with a 13.6kWh battery pack that will have an output of 101hp. That seems to have remained the same for now.

With these new numbers, the Aviator could have a new acceleration number but nothing has been announced yet so we will have to wait and see.