2020 Mercedes CLA Teased Upcoming Techs

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Mercedes will be at CES next week where they will be showing off the 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA model which will be fitted with a few new techs from Mercedes.

Mercedes has just released a new teaser showing us the motion-activated dome light with looks impressive. They added that the lights will be part of the new Interior Assistant that the Mercedes CLA will come it. More details about the Interior Assistant will be revealed at the event.

The teaser image also showed that the Mercedes CLA will come with an interior that is similar to what the new Mercedes A-Class is offerign right now. That along with the reports that the vehicle being only a few inches longer than the A220 had a lot of people scratcing their head as it seems add that Merceds would offer two compact luxury sedan with similar size and similar inteiror.

It was also speculated that hte vehcle will come with the 2.0 literr turbo four cylidner engine from the A220.