2020 Nissan Juke Will Platform Won’t Affect Character

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When Nissan first release the Juke, the vehicle did get a lot of attention from the consumers mainly because of how quirky it was. Now, Nissan is getting ready to release the second gen Juke model. Here is what we know right now.

The Nissan Juke has been spotted a few times out in the open and while the vehicle was still heavily covered in camo stickers, we can still make out some of the details like the new headlights and horizontal rearlight.

We know that new Juke will be coming in with a new platform which many said would make the Juke less quirky now but from what we are seeing, the vehicle’s proportions looks almost identical to the current model making look more like a facelift instead of a new gen-two model.

The new Juke will be coming with a few engine options including the 1.0 liter three cylinder and 1.6 liter four cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine. There will also be a diesel engine option.