2020 Nissan Titan Gets A Slight Appearance Boost

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The Nissan Titan was given a redesign in 2017 which means it still looks pretty new but Nissan wants to keep it fresh by giving the 2020 model some minor updates. Here is what we can expect to see.

The 2020 Nissan Titan was spotted out in the open when it was getting tested and from what we can see, most of the features will be carried over but since Nissan did bother to cover up the front, chances are, the changes will be made to the grille and lighting elements.

On the inside, the instrument panel will have a larger display now which will be nice since Nissan has recently started offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. The rest looks similar to the current model.

Since not much has changed, we should not have to wait too long before we actually get to see the 2020 model. The price should also be similar since there is not really that many changes.