2020 Porsche 911: Don’t Let The Looks Fool You

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Porsche has just release their 2020 Porsche 911 model. Upon looking at it, it does not look like Porsche did much to the exterior of the vehicle but they did.

One of the new features that Porsche added to the Porsche 911 model is the new Wet mode. So what is this about? According to Porsche, the Wet mode is a new assistance system to improve the stability and driver support on wet-road surfaces.

The system uses an acoutic sensors in the front wheel wells to detect water spray. Once that is detected, the vehicle will preconditions the PSM stability control and PTM traction control to make it more sensitive than normal.

The system will also ask the driver to swithc the warning light to Wet mode. The system were made to reduce the risk of aquaplanning which will help drivers feel more confident under wet conditions. This feature will be offered as standard features on all 911 models.