2020 RAM 750 Rubbishes Unibody Claims

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It is no longer a secret that Fiat-Chrysler is looking to expand their horizons further with the release of two new midsized pickup trucks. The first is the Wrangler-based Jeep Scrambler and the second is tentatively known as the RAM 750.

Rumours have been claiming that the latter will have a unbody setup to appeal a corner of the market that is out of the Scrambler’s range. While such a move would make sense, Dodge has stepped forward to rubbish the allegation through confirming that the RAM 750 will have a body-on-frame setup.

In detail, it was said that the RAM 750 will be a body-on-frame midsized pickup truck that will be built alongside the Scrambler at Jeep’s Toledo plant. The vehicle will be based on Jeep JT tooling.

This sounds exciting, at least, until we realized that the JT is based on the RAM 1500. Knowing that will make the situation more confusing but at least we can be glad to know that the RAM 750 will compete fairly with the Jeep Scrambler.