2020 Skoda Octavia Design Figured Out?

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Although Skoda has not taken the covers off their 2020 Skoda Octavia yet, the vehicle has been spotted a few times now and using those spy shots, some artist has managed to come out with some renderings of the upcoming model that might be pretty close to the actual production model.

Created by Kolesa, a Russian website, the 2020 Skoda Octavia was given some new headlights which we are sure many would to happy to learn since the previous headlights were not well received at all.

The vehicle was also given a larger grille along with new LED taillights and sportier rear design. The all-new Skoda Octavia will be making its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year. It will be riding on the MQB platform and will be coming with a few gasoline and diesel engine options. As with most new models, some hybrid options might be offered as well.

How happy will you be if this is how it ends up looking like?