2020 Toyota Highlander Won’t Leave Ford Alone

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We have already seen what Ford will be offering on their new Ford Explorer model and if you think that Toyota will just roll over and let Ford get all the attention, you will be wrong as it was now reported that Toyota is also working on someting new.

According to the reports, Toyota has already started testing the new Highlander. The vehicle was spotted out in the open a few times now and while it was heavily covered in camo stickers, we could still amke out some of the features inclding the hexagonal grille, fog lamps and also healdights that is similar to what the RAV4 is offering.

It also looks like the new Highlander will be bigger than before. It would also come fitted with lots of new features to match what their rivals are offering. In terms of engine, we should be seeing some petrol and hybrid options.

On top of that, they are also working on a new mid-size SUV segment.