2020 Toyota Supra: Toyota Can’t Stop Teasing It

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We are pretty sure at this point that if we put all of the Toyota Supra teaser images together, we might get an almost complete image of the upcoming Toyota Supra as Toyota keeps releasing one teaser after another.

The latest teaser image showed the 2020 Toyota Supra’s rear end. They also revealed when we will finally get to see the Toyota Supra revealed. According to Toyota, the vehicle will be making its debut at the Detroit Auto Show on the 14th of January at 9.40am EST.

The unveiling will be streamed online so if you are looking to see it, set your alarm. Toyota also poke funat themselves by adding that they “promise this will be the last teaser” for the Toyota Supra but that was followed by “subject to change” which means we can expect to see a few more before the debut.

We know that the SUpra will be getting a straight six engine from BMW which is most likely the 3.0 liter turbocharhed inline six cylinder engine.