2020 Toyota TJ Cruiser: A Mixture Of Sienna, Land Cruiser & Prius

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Toyota made it clear last year that it is in their best interest to launch more new SUVs and the movement will start with a brand-new TJ Cruiser. Since making that announcement, Toyota has been actively promoting the TJ Cruiser Concept at various auto shows and exhibitions.

Now, reports are claiming that the TJ Cruiser will finally be getting a production-ready prototype thus signalling the vehicle’s near-release. The finalized TJ Cruiser is said to be making its debut at the 2018 LA Auto Show with the hope of attracting a crowd.

The interesting bit here is that Toyota will be making some changes over the initial TJ Cruiser concept but they will preserve the minivan offering wrapped in the shell of a rugged, all-terrain SUV. It gets more interesting when you realized that Toyota has pledged to offer a hybrid system as the primary power source for the TJ Cruiser.

With that being said, it is perhaps right to describe the TJ Cruiser as a mixture of Toyota’s successful creations. The minivan bits will take inspiration from the Sienna. The rugged shell will hope to be as sturdy as the Land Cruiser and the performance will be as green as a Prius.