2020 Toyota TJ Cruiser: Mixing Sienna, Highlander & Prius

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Toyota confirmed last year that they want to produce more new SUVs and they will start with a brand-new TJ Cruiser. Since then, we have witnessed plenty of teasers for the TJ Cruiser and they all share a familiar potential.

For starters, the TJ Cruiser will be extremely practical and family-oriented through having features that are based on the Sienna. A hybrid setup will be used to power the vehicle and it will be one that is inspired by the Prius.

And when it comes to style and off-road ability, Toyota will source its bolts and screws from the ever-successful Highlander. The heavy reliance on these aforementioned vehicles will create a unique finish with the TJ Cruiser, but on that is also familiar from Toyota.

More on this will be revealed when the production-ready TJ Cruiser make its official debut at the 2018 LA Auto Show in November this year. Are you excited?