2020 Toyota TJ Cruiser Taking Tips From Prius, Land Cruiser & Sienna

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Toyota have been showing us concept after concepts of their TOyota TJ Cruiser SUV at shows and exhibition but so far, we have not seen an actual prodcution model yet despite the fact that Toyota has made it clear that they are very interested in turning the concept into a production model.

While we have not seen the prodcution model yet, the concpets we have seen so far should give us an idea of what the 2020 Toyota TJ Cruiser will be offering in terms of design when it finally arrives.

The concept shown so far looked like Toyota took design inspiration from a few of their mdoels inlcuding the Sienna, Prius and Land Cruiser. It is said that the prodcution model will not stray too far from the cpncept design and that we will be seeing it come with a hybrid engine under the hood.

What else are you hoping to see?