2020 Volkswagen e-Golf EV Hatch Leaves US Behind

It looks like those living in the US can forget about getting their hands on the 2020 Volkswagen e-Golf EV hatch model as it was reported that Volkswagen might have chosen to take it out of their US lineup.

According to CarsDirect, a press released showing the new techs that we will be seeing in the 2020 lineup had the electric hatch scratched out and replaced with “No MY20 e-Golf will be available”

Volkswagen later confirmed that the Volkswagen e-Golf EV hatch will still be offered in Canada but the US will not be getting the 2020 model. Those still looking to get one can opt for the 2019 model instead.

It is believed that the decision was made so that Volkswagen can focus on launching its ID line here in the US. The new ID line will come riding on its new MEB platform. The next ID model heading to the US should be the ID.4.

Author: Staff Reporter

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