2020 VW Golf R: Writing Off 5-Cylinder Chances!

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It is official. Come next year, Volkswagen will launch the next-gen Golf R and the carmaker made it clear that the hatchback is looking at an output of 400hp, no less. This is a significant bump from the current model, which is rated at 292hp here in the US.

Upon hearing the 400hp statement from Volkswagen for the next Golf R, we can’t help but to expect the use of a 5-cylinder engine like the ones on the Audi TT and the latest RS3. The two vehicles rely on a turbo-5 mill with an output of 400hp flat.

On the other hand, insiders are claiming that the next Golf R will stick to a 4-pot setup with mild power upgrades. The word is that a new turbo-4 will feature on the Golf R and it will have an output of about 360hp. The balance 40hp will be offered through an electric motor.

The hybrid allegation sounds like the likelier outcome for the next-gen Golf R and this is especially when you consider that VW is pushing out for clean emission vehicles to restore its reputation. The Golf, in its entirety, is primarily a daily driver hence the Golf R will still need to think about practicality on the daily like its rivals – the Ford Focus RS and the Honda Civic Type R.

So, which will it be? The hybrid or a turbocharged 5-cylinder?