2021 All-New Nissan Rogue Not Going For Huge Surprise

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Nissan is currently working on an all-new Nissan Rogue model and while they are not ready to show it off yet, the vehicle was spotted when it was out getting tested and here is what we got to learn about it.

Based on what we can see, the next-gen Nissan Rogue will be coming in with a similar shape as the current Rogue model. Some people were hoping that the new Rogue will look similar to the Nissan Xmotion Concept but it looks like Nissan wanted to play it safe.

While the design will not get any major upgrade, what we did notice was that the vehicle was going to come with a much better body size which made sense since they would want to widen the gap between the Rogue and the Rogue Sport model.

In the back, it looks like the taillights will be replaced with a new unit that is much narrower and the rear window seems to have a floating roof design.

Engine details are still a mystery for now but the all-new Rogue should be making its debut next year as a 2021 model.