2021 BMW 4 Series Would Have Looked Better With Small Grille?

Fans of BMW and their 4 Series are somewhat split when it comes to the new design mainly because of the huge grille sitting in front. The design was also seen on the concept but at that time, most people assume that BMW is only trying to shock them on the concept and that the production model will have something a little more subtle but BMW clearly had something else in mind.

With some people saying the new 2021 BMW 4 Series would look so much better with a much smaller grille, the people over at Autoblog came out with a new rendering showing us what the vehicle could look like if it were to come with a much smaller grille.

After looking at it, we can’t help but feel that the 4 Series would look rather boring with the smaller grille design. Nothing stands out too much and everything feels too safe so maybe the huge grille was the right move?

What do you think? Check out the image on Autoblog’s website and tell us which one you prefer.

Author: Staff Reporter

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