2021 Dyson EV To Take On Tesla

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With EV becoming more and more popular, we should be seeing more and more new models coming in to take on the Tesla models and one such model could be from Dyson.

New reports are now suggesting that Dyson might want a piece of the EV vehicle pie as it was revealed that the company has just applied patents for an upcoming EV model. The images were filed more than a year ago but have now been released by Dyson.

Do take note that this will not be the first EV model that Dyson will be offering but something that they might release after the first model arrives. The images showed a high-riding vehicle with a long wheelbase and huge wheels. They did not reveal any dimensions but it does look like it will have a roomy cabin and an aerodynamic shape.

Dyson did announce that they will be building a plant in Singapore where their first EV model will be made. As of now, they are saying that it will arrive in 2021 but we will have to wait and see.