2021 Ford Bronco: Not Holding Anything Back

Fans of the Ford Bronco have been waiting for its return for years now and while Ford is not ready to start selling them yet, we are learning more about the upcoming model as we inch closer to its release.

The Ford Bronco was spotted getting tested out in the open and this time, the image showed a few more interesting details that would give us a better idea of what the Bronco will be offered with.

In one of the images, we got to see the live rear axle that many believe is actually the rear coil spring setup. If this is true, it means that the Bronco will use the coil springs all around, a setup that has worked well in the past.

Images were taken from the side also showed the brakes which looks to be the perfect size for a vehicle like the Bronco. So far, all information seems to suggest that Ford is not looking to hold anything back when it comes to their upcoming new Ford Bronco.

Author: Staff Reporter

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