2021 Ford Bronco Spotted Running Around Topless

The Ford Bronco was spotted out in the open and this time without any top only. Here is what we have learned so far.

Based on what we can see, it looks like the image was taken from a factory or maybe a Ford garage as the vehicle looks very close to being complete. The vehicle also does not have it roof fitted on.

From what ew can see, the roll cage structure here looks very similar to what we have seen on the Wrangler. It does not go all the way to the edges probably because they needed the space for the removable top. This could also suggest that there will be a side-hinged swing-out tailgate.

The image also showed off the rectangular taillights and character lines on the Ford Bronco. More details will be revealed when the Ford Bronco is revealed later this month.

Author: Staff Reporter

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