2021 GMC Terrain Won’t Be Too Far Off From Equinox

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With the Equinox getting an update of its own, it is only a matter of time before the GMC Terrain is offered one as well. Well, some spies seem to have spotted the updated GMC Terrain getting tested.

The vehicle is heavily covered so it is hard to see what GMC will be offering underneath but what we can make out is the floating roof design that is outlined in the back. Most of the changes will be happening in fronts like an updated grille and headlight design.

One way we can guess how those will look like will be to look at the Acadia. The vehicle also got an update and some people are speculating that the Terrain would get something similar.

What we are hoping would not stay this time is the push-button shifter on the dash that their customers do not seem to keen about but since this is a mid-cycle refresh, we won’t keep our hopes too high for that.

The updated model will most likely come in as a 2021 model year vehicle.