2021 Opel Mokka Would Have Made Buick Fans Happy

The previous Opel Mokka was based on the Buick Encore but with Opel now with PSA and not GM, we probably won’t see the upgrade make its way to the Encore which is a pity because Buick could do with something fresh and new like this.

The new 2021 Opel Mokka will come riding on the Compact Modular Platform from PSA. It will now be getting an electric powertrain as well. With all these changes, the new Opel Mokka will be getting a much updated exterior design with a new two-box design, aggressive grille, and more.

More changes can also be seen on the inside with a dual-screen for their infotainment and instruments but it will still be keeping a lot of buttons. Overall, the cleaner interior matches what new car buyers are looking for right now.

The EV model will come with a 134hp engine that will be paired with a 50kWh battery that will allow it to go 200miles of range.

Author: Staff Reporter

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