2021 Toyota Mirai Stepping Up Their Design Game

While we do like what the previous Mirai has to offer, it does not necessarily give you the impression that it is a good looking vehicle but that might change with the arrival of the 2021 Toyota Mirai.

Toyota Mirai has been confined to California so far but despite that, the vehicle has actually been doing much better than we think and Toyota is ready to unveil its second-gen version of the Toyota Mirai.

For the new model, Toyota will be hoping to have it offer 30% more range, more legroom, a fifth seat and also an updated exterior design. From the new images, the new design is certainly a few times better than what the current Mirai has to offer.

The vehicle was given a broad shoulder with a fastback roofline and a long snout. Instead of having a hatchback, the 2021 model was given a conventional truck so there is even more storage space in the back. It was also fitted with a large low grille giving the vehicle an overall more aggressive and head-turning design.

The 2021 Toyota Mirai will be heading to the Tokyo Motor Show where we will get to learn a little more about what the vehicle will offer when it finally arrives.

Author: Staff Reporter

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