2021 Toyota Tundra Going Electric?

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We already know that Toyota is working on a new Toyota Tundra model but many believe that the Tundra spotted by spies this week could be a hybrid model.

Although there were already rumors about Toyota possibly offering a hybrid model, there was no real evidence to support that until now as spies reported that there was the familiar hum of electric motors before the engine started kicking in around 25 to 30mph.

It is believed that the Tundra could be getting a 3.5 liter twin-turbo V6 engine that will be mated to an electric model. A similar engine was offered by Lexus and that engine offered about 354hp and 369lb ft of torque.

The vehicle was heavily covered here so it is pretty hard to see what the Tundra has going on under it all but it is believed that the Tundra will come riding on an F1 platform and that will be seeing it next year.