2022 Ford Ranger Design Outed Years In Advance?

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Spies seems to have spotted a new truck getting tested in Melbourne, Australia but nobody seems to know what truck this is.

Based on the design language, many people believe that it could be a Ford Ranger model but we know that the next Ford Ranger will only be arriving in 2021 or 2022. Others are saying that it could be a truck for another automaker that is taking some design tips from the Ford Ranger.

One thing to note is that the image looks like it has been heavily processed. It could be that the person that release the image wanted to hide the location of where the picture was snapped or they have more to hide. Some people have also pointed out that the fact the vehicle is fitted with a shark fin antenna is odd enough as Ford usually uses the whip antennas for their trucks.

It is hard to say for sure now but the truck does come with a lot of Ford features like the grille, the C-shaped element in the front which is pretty common with Ford pickup trucks. There were already rumors about the Ranger coming in 2022 and that it will be followed by a Ranger Ranger but for now, all we can do is speculate and wait.