2022 Ford Vehicles Will Keep You Connected

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Automakers are working hard to make sure they have the next new tech that would change the automotive industry. For Ford, their next tech will be the C-V2X tech which will be coming in 2022.

C-V2X or cellular vehicle-to-everything would talk to other vehicles that has a similar tech as well as the other traffic management infrasturcture like traffic lights to relay the information to the vehicle. With this, drivers can know ahead of time what is in front.

In the future, this system might also be able to talk to road signs so that the drivers can get advance warning. If this does become the ‘norm”, cities could use it to manage the traffic for a better flowing system.

According to Ford, they will be releasing their self-driving vehicles by 2021 but before that, all new US model will be equioed with cellular connectivity by the end of 2019.