2026 Porsche 911 Set For Larger Engine

It looks like the Porsche 911 will be getting a much larger engine in the future compared to the current version. Despite the fact that Porsche has been working to reduce the size of the engine, new regulations in 2026 suggest that the engine size will need to be upsized as well.

According to Porsche, the next wave of regulations will be one of the toughest regulations for emission as countries continue to try to encourage automakers to go electric. The regulation will put a limit on relative power per liter of displacement which means the engine hp output will legally and directly depend on the displacement.

Of course, upsizing will mean the engines will burn more and emit more so Porsche has decided to focus on a more advanced anti-pollution technology. While they did admit that it won’t be easy, they are not giving up yet.

Another good news is that Porsche has made it clear that they will continue to offer a manual transmission on the 911.

Author: Staff Reporter

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