2026 Volkswagen Combustion Engine Will Be The Last Of Its Kind

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With diesel out of the picture, Volkswagen will be looking at electric vehicles as the main alternative to the gasoline engine and that would eventually lead to them offering only all-electric models. While it might sound like this could be far into the future, Volkswagen actually plans to have that happen sooner than we think.

According to Volkswagen, they will be developing the final generation of vehicles using combustion engine technology in 2026. The year 2026 will be the year that they will be producing the last combustion engine platform.

Of course, Volkswagen will continue to adapt its petrol and diesel models to meet the stricter environmental standard but their main goal right now would be the electric engines. It will be interesting to see how that all turn out for Volkswagen.

One more way that Volkswagen is trying to meet the Paris climate accord is to change its car development benchmarks to include the target of radically cutting levels of carbon dioxide pollution in production as well.