700HP Ford Mustang GT Going Off For Civic Type R Money!

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The Honda Civic Type R is one of the best sport hatchbacks in the market today but despite belonging in the affordable category, many consumers find the car to be financially unapproachable.

This is due to the dealer mark-ups that have resulted in the Civic Type R retailing at $50,000 on average. The cheapest unit we have found thus far retails at $40,000 and for this money, we can get ourselves a 700hp Ford Mustang GT.

Of course, the Mustang GT in question is one that has been tuned by Roush performance and this is an upgrade which Ford recognizes. Hence, it also explains why the tuned vehicle is still eligible for warranty. In total, you will get 3 years warranty and all it needs is $42,000 from your wallet.

Before we forget, the dealer that is offering such a ‘ludicrous’ deal for the 700hp Ford Mustang GT is none other than Lebanon Ford. The lads there are some seriously insane people and in a good way.