Acura NSX Makes Buyers Feel Warm & Fuzzy!

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The all-new Acura NSX is a superb supercar to own but the fact that it is powered by a hybrid powertrain has given the car mixed reactions from the crowd. Well, that is no longer the case as the NSX has proved its worth when it clocked record-breaking lap times on several tracks.

Today, Acura has announced an exciting plan for the NSX and that is to offer greater customizability with the vehicle. Acura is calling for NSX buyers to go to the car’s official website and participate in a cinematic video that will see the car getting delivered to them.

The video will also be fully interactive and this will allow the participants to customize their NSX to reflect on their style as well as nature of driving.

Each video will be 30-seconds long and it will also cover the NSX’s development process. From it, the buyers can see their order getting pieced together. The icing on the cake is with a 1:18 scaled down version of the exact car which the buyers have ordered.

With such an offering, NSX buyers can feel like the NSX is being built in their own backyard. The buyers will also get a sense of belonging through purchasing the NSX.