Acura NSX Owes Its Life To Ferrari 458!

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Sacrificial rituals have been practiced since the age of men began and it is still ‘widely’ practiced today. By widely, we are not referring to human sacrifices but products.

The fierce competition in the age of consumerism tends to see companies reverse engineering a product for their own benefits. Today, we learned that a Ferrari 458 Italia was sacrificed in the process of developing the Acura NSX.

It was revealed earlier today that Honda utilized the Ferrari 458 Italia as a measuring stick when developing the Acura NSX. For the lads at Honda’s headquarters, they believe that if the NSX is able to be better than the Ferrari 458, it will be a big win for their supercar.

It is a good move from Honda as learning from the 458 Italia can really boost the power and performance of the NSX. But then again, one may question on the ethics of reverse engineering, especially when it involves a mighty fine car like the 458 Italia.