Acura NSX Signals Type R Makeover In Latest Sighting

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Honda’s Type R moniker carries only one definition and that is speed. An example would be with the Honda Civic Type R, which is currently the world’s fastest FWD sports hatch.

In the future to come, the Type R moniker is going to escape its attachment to the Civic and move towards the latest Acura NSX. This claim was made by rumors surrounding Honda and it now looks like they are coming true.

The latest sign appeared at Nurburgring earlier today, when two Acura NSXs were spotted performing some tests around the circuit. The fact that Honda was supervising the test suggests that the carmaker is planning something big with the NSX.

Spy photographers are claiming it to be the Acura NSX Type R whereas other reports are claiming on a full EV NSX. With Honda keeping quiet on the matter, there is no telling on what the outcome would be. We have embedded the spy video below and would love to hear your thoughts on it.