Acura NSX vs Nissan GT-R: Taking Pride In Defeat

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The Acura NSX is the newest supercar in the market and it is highly rated for the intelligent driving system that comes with the vehicle. In other words, many really like how the NSX can give rival supercars a huge fight despite running on a hybrid powertrain with fewer pony counts.

On the figure front, the NSX brags a combined maximum output of 573hp and this is enough to kill some big names in the market. The last time we saw the NSX competing, the car won against the Nissan GT-R.

It is a special victory for the Acura NSX but this is not to say that the GT-R should be ashamed of the result. The GT-R is still able to give the NSX a big fight and this is despite of the fact that the car is old. The GT-R is about 10 years older than the NSX but it is only but half a second slower.

For a full in sight on this, you can check out the drag race in the video embedded below. Just try to ignore the McLaren 540C that is also involved in the race.