Acura Type S Concept Will Be Heading To Monterey

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Acura has made it pretty clear that they are looking to bring the Type S model back soon and spies have been spotting what they believe is the Type S getting tested out in the open a few times now but as for what the vehicle will really have to offer, nobody really knows at this point.

Acura released a new teaser for the Acura Type S Concept this week but everything was hidden in the shadow so the only thing we get to see is the body shape of the vehicle. It is clear that it will come in with a four-door coupe model and that the design will be heavily based on the Precision concept.

Another teaser did show off the taillight element of the vehicle with a quad exhaust design but that is all we know about the upcoming model right now. Luckily the wait will be over soon as Acura announce that they will be showing it off at the Monterey Motor Show happening this month.

Check out the concept teaser video below and tell us what you think.