Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Secretly Cancelled?

There have not been much news about the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. We know that the automaker canceled the 4C Coupe last year but some reports are now saying that they also canceled the 4C Spider.

Motor1 reported that the 4C Spider production has ended and that the only 4Cs left across the Atlantic will be those on the dealer lot right now. When asked by Autoblog to confirm the new, Alfa Romeo came forward to clarify that in the US, the 4C Spider is not canceled and is still available for order so it looks like it is still alive and kicking but for how long?

At this point in time, Alfa Romeo does not seems to have anything planned for the 4C or at least they have not announced anything yet but if you are looking to get a 4C right now, it is still being sold and you can still get one so that is good news.

Author: Staff Reporter

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