Alfa Romeo Baby Stelvio Hints At Being A Scaled-Down Stelvio!

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The successful market performance of the Giulia and Stelvio has fuelled Alfa Romeo into expanding their line-up and it led to the confirmation of a new compact SUV.

Tentatively-known as the Baby Stelvio, the vehicle is expected to make its official concept unveiling at the LA Auto Show this year. However, not many are excited for the vehicle as they fear that the compact setup of the Baby Stelvio will adopt an FWD layout.

Well, Alfa Romeo has written that off today when they revealed that the Baby Stelvio will still rely on RWD. Alfa explained that the vehicle is being built on the same platform that is used to create the Stelvio. They only change which they have made to it is with the size.

This means that the platform has been scaled-down and it will still come with RWD configuration like the original Stelvio. The full details on this will be out at LA Auto Show 2018 so stay tuned.