Alfa Romeo Backing Out On 8C & GTV

When Alfa Romeo revealed their plan for the future, fans were happy to learn that both the Alfa Romeo 8c and GTV will be part of their future but it looks like Alfa Romeo has decided to go back on their words.

Automobile reported that both those models might not have a future with Alfa Romeo anymore. According to Mike Manly, Alfa Romeo has decided to scale back on their new portfolio to reduce capital spending and while they did not say which model will be cut off, some people believe that 8C and GTV will be the ones.

This was after the 8C and GTV was left out of the FCA presentation of future Alfa Romeo vehicles. What was in the presentation was the production version of the Tonale crossover and another new crossover.

How dissapointed are you that we will not be seeing those two arriving in the future?

Author: Staff Reporter

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