Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe Is A Predictable Offering

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Remember back when Alfa Romeo launched the Giulia a couple of years ago? Right when the Giulia arrived, many automotive outlets as well as market watchers predicted on a coupe variant to come out in the future and that is actually happening as we speak.

It was revealed today that the Giulia Coupe is in the works and it will come out with more power to offer than the Giulia Quadrifoglio. As how it was covered by the lads at Autocar, the Giulia Coupe will come with F1-style energy recovery system hence allowing the 2.9L twin-turbo V6 engine to develop 641hp.

This is purely insane for the Giulia Coupe and this is especially when you consider the car being only 20hp short of the spirited Ferrari 488.

So, when can we expect the Giulia Coupe to debut? The word is that the car will be taking the stage at a major auto show in Q4 this year before going on sale next year. It’s a predictable outcome but one which we are truly excited for.