Alfa Romeo Giulia: Ferrari Performance Now Comes With Ferrari Problems!

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What is there not to like about the latest-generation Alfa Romeo Giulia? The premium sports sedan has proved its worth in terms of performance and it is also pretty decent on the reliability scale.

Alfa was right when they revealed that they are no longer as bad as before when it comes to developing high-quality, reliable vehicles. All this while, the Giulia has been wrestling some issues but nothing major for them to worry about.

That was the case until today when an investigation found the Giulia, and even the Stelvio, having an engine that are prone to catching fire. The affected mill is specifically the Ferrari-inspired 2.9L twin-turbo V6 unit that can develop 503hp.

The cause of the fire risk is with insufficient webbing on a coolant hose and a recall has been announced to get it fixed. Fire-related problems have always been the weak point for Ferrari and it looks like Alfa is now affected too.

While it may put a dent on their quest to achieve convincing reliability, Alfa can be glad to see that only a handful of units are suspected with the fault. The mass-market Giulia and Stelvio are still safe, for now.