Alfa Romeo Giulia GTV Confirms Fairy Tale Release Date

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The saying, “a fairy tale come true” is always applied on a happy happening that nobody thought will occur hence the fairy tale reference. We bring this up because Alfa Romeo is now promising a fairy tale release date for the hotly-anticipated Giulia GTV.

In case you haven’t heard, Alfa Romeo has confirmed that they are targeting 2021 as the launching year for the Giulia GTV. This means that we are about 3 years away from the official release of the 700+hp 2-door Giulia hybrid.

3 years is certainly a decent time period for Alfa Romeo to develop the Giulia GTV but we feel that this is too fast for the vehicle. This is especially after we realized that Alfa won’t bring out the Giulia GTV until they are done with the release of two new SUVs.

Now that we’ve mention that, 3 years feel like too short of a timeframe for Alfa Romeo to launch 3 major vehicles inclusive of the Giulia GTV. The carmaker has got a bad reputation for being late hence it will certainly be a fairy tale if they are able to pull it off.