Alfa Romeo Giulia Is Deceivingly Reliable In Latest Survey

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Car reliability plays a huge role at influencing the decision of new car purchases from an average consumer and those that have followed the industry long enough will know that Alfa Romeo is not a brand that goes synonymous with longevity.

Well, ever since Alfa made an enormous comeback with the new-generation Giulia, they have been claiming that reliability is no longer a concern with their cars.

True enough, the amount of issues found on the new Giulia are too few to count but to slap the reliable label on the car right now will also look like a premature move. This is due to the age of the Giulia that is still too young for us to judge its reliability.

Amazingly, this didn’t stop WhatCar’s reliability survey from slotting the Giulia in the third position in the reliability rankings for executive cars. There’s nothing wrong with the data collected from the survey aside from the fact that their total sample size was 18,000 vehicles.

This is far too small and its even worse when you note that Alfa’s market share during that period was around 0.2%. Assuming that the response rates between brands are equal, we believe that 36 examples of the Giulia got surveyed and this isn’t enough to paint a clear picture on reliability.

Also considering that the survey was conducted in the UK where the Giulia was launched no less than 2 years ago, the car is a lot younger than the other participants in the research.

With that being said, you should take the findings with a grain of salt and move on to wait a couple of years more to see if Alfa Romeo has truly kick prone breakdowns out of their system.