Alfa Romeo Giulia Looking Towards The Working Class Folks!

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As tempting as the all-new Giulia is, many are resisting the car out of fear for poor reliability. But then again, the Alfa Romeo Giulia has managed to go through 2 years into production without any major mechanical issue and this is a sign of much-improved reliability.

A growing number of individuals are beginning to realize this hence explaining the inclining number of Giulias sold here in the US. The numbers are expected to surge further in the near future when Alfa Romeo brings out the new base model for the Giulia.

According to new reports, Alfa Romeo is working towards launching three new variants of the Giulia. There is the Coupe, the Giulia Ti and the new basic trim.

The base Giulia will see the car running on the 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can develop 280hp and power is managed by a manual shifter. The interior has been toned down with cheaper materials thus leading the base MSRP to a new low of $36,990.

This is just $6,000 more than the Subaru WRX and you will get access to a stellar premium performance. However, it will also mean having a cheap-out cabin hence making the base model fitting for those that simply wants to drive the Giulia.