Alfa Romeo Giulia Posting Greens In A Bag Of Reds!

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2018 has started bitterly for Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles as the group of carmakers posted reds on the January financial sheets. The sales data for January 2018 in the US has been released and only two brands within FCA managed to enjoy the greens.

Jeep is one of the names that managed to end January on a high but the increment from January of last year is very small. In figures, Jeep only enjoyed a 2.2% improvement over the January of last year.

The other carmaker to post gains in January is Alfa Romeo. The premium Italian carmaker inclined by 1,425.93% as it moved a total of 1,648 vehicles in January last month. All of the credits belong to the Giulia because the Stelvio is still pending to go on sale and the 4C is on a losing streak.

It is a positive outlook for Alfa Romeo as the strong start in 2018 is likely to continue towards year’s end. Once the Stelvio goes on sale, Alfa is expected to experience a huge bump in sales.