Alfa Romeo GTV Coupe: The 2-Door Giulia Will Be A Hybrid!

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It is no secret that Alfa Romeo is working on a coupe variant for the Giulia and it will be one that promises more power than the already insane Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Alfa Romeo has teased about this earlier this year when they quoted that the GTV Coupe will not be a simple Giulia with the rear doors removed. It will instead be an opportunity at greater accomplishments and today, we got a better idea on what Alfa meant by this.

As how it was reported on Car&Driver, the Giulia GTV Coupe is targeting an output of about 600hp and power is sourced from a hybrid setup. This is in-line with FCA’s 5-year plan report hence we can expect to see the car somewhere in 2021.

Such an outcome makes complete sense because it will take some time for Alfa Romeo to accomplish a praise worthy hybrid setup. If it’s just going to be a standard coupe makeover, the GTV Coupe would’ve made its debut several months ago.