Alfa Romeo Has The Audi Q7 In Its Crosshairs

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Alfa Romeo has successfully integrated itself in the US market through the release of the Giulia and the Stelvio so what will come next from the carmaker?

Well, according to the latest reports, leaks and official teases, Alfa Romeo is lining up 2 new vehicles that will get released within a year from now. The first, as we all know, is the hotly-anticipated Giulia Coupe.

The second was revealed earlier today to be a new SUV that is significantly larger than the Stelvio. The word is that Alfa has been working on a full-sized SUV for months now and they will have a production-ready concept for show later this year.

Seeing that Alfa has also admitted to developing new hybrid powertrains, could we be seeing the large SUV debuting with high-performance green technology?

We don’t know about you but such an outcome will bring some serious challenge to the Audi Q7 and other full-sized luxury SUVs.