Alfa Romeo Snubs Giulietta Demand For 4C, BMW Z4 To Blame?

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Hoping for too much from Alfa Romeo may not be a good thing as there will be a higher chance for you to be left devastated. This is exactly what we felt when Alfa Romeo revealed that they won’t be proceeding to develop a brand new Giulietta after launching the Stelvio.

Alfa Romeo added that they have actually moved on with the development of a new 4C. Like the previous 4C, the next-gen model will retain its roadster status although it may come out with a different name.

Alfa Romeo even said that the next 4C is aiming to offer the best performance in its class, just like how it is with both the Stelvio and the Giulia. But on the downside of things, the 4C won’t be offered with a manual gearbox despite the car being a magnet for driving enthusiasts.

We are actually disappointed that Alfa has opted for the 4C instead of keeping up with big volume vehicles like the Giulietta. Perhaps, this may have something to do with the next-gen BMW Z4, another roadster which Alfa deeply desires to contest with.