Alfa Romeo Stelvio Pays Stigma A Revisit, 12.6K Units Affected!

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Ever since Alfa Romeo returned into the US market with the Giulia, the carmaker has never been involved in a mass-scale recall. This is something which many are surprised by because the cars from Alfa Romeo in the past are some of the worsts choices in terms of reliability.

The Giulia still had some problems though but they are mostly software-related and does not require a big-money recall. As much as we would love to say the same for the Stelvio, the SUV has not been doing great on the reliable scale and this was proven earlier today when a recall was made for the vehicle.

The issue on the Stelvio is with some gaps on the body that can allow water to flood into the cabin. There are two leaks worth noting. The first is on the A-pillar and the second is by the rear hatch.

It gets worst when you realized that a total of 12,600 Stelvios are being involved in the recall. But on the bright of things, Alfa Romeo can be pleased with the fact that the issue is not mechanical-related.