All-Electric Audi A8: Audi Still On The Fence

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With automakers now coming out with more and more electric models, you would think that Audi will not think twice about jumping on board and start working on an all-electric Audi A8 but according to the reports, it looks like Audi has not made up their mind yet.

During Audi’s Annual General Meeting, an Audi official said that they will be launching five electric cars next year and that they plan to have 20 all-electric models in their lineup by 2025. He also added that the next-gen Audi A8 could be all-electric as well but Audi has not decided on that yet.

The current Audi A8 is still pretty new so we are not expecting a next-gen model anytime soon. While Audi is not ready to confirm anything at this point, there are rumors suggesting that Audi might be looking to bring back the Horch name and that it could actually be used as the range topper for some of their models.