All-Electric Mercedes-Benz SL: Is This The Rigth Move?

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Mercedes has not reveal their plans for the Mercedes-Benz SL but the people over at Peisert Design seems to think that Mercedes will be working towards given the model an electric variant and that the EV version of the SL will come looking like this.

The concept was given a very futuristic sleek look with blue accent on the wheels to futher emphasize the electric motor under the hood. Features like the headlights, DRL and more looks quite original. We would not mind if Mercedes went down this path when it comes to the deisng of the future SL model.

According to Mercedes, the next-gen SL model will go down a different path but they did not say what this new path will be. We also do not know when we will start seeing Mercedes offering electrified versions of their vehicle but they are pretty commited to it so the wait shold not be too long.